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We take the pleasure in our introduction – JLM Container Services Ltd. Headquartered in Chittagong, Bangladesh, has been in the service-oriented business for over two decades.

Today, as ever before, we are at your service and will be striving to develop new means of satisfying our clients. As market leaders in the service sector within Bangladesh, JLM is considered to be one of the leading Bangladeshi Customs and Transportation Organization for Customs Clearing and dispatch of heavy and oversized cargo and Project material with vehicles owned by the Company. After years of experience, we have a complete grasp of Transportation requirements between Chittagong / Mongla Ports and the rest of the country.

Since 2003 we have been serving Tullow Bangladesh Limited, in Block 9 with utmost sincerity and dedication with ZERO LTI days. We have been providing Customs clearance and Logistics to Tullow (a multinational gas exploration company) for all their Import consignments through Chittagong Port and Logistical support.

We have self-owned fleet of Tractor-Trailers, Low loaders with 60 tons, 90 tons capacity and 150 tons capacity hydraulic modular trailer, Cranes with 55 tons and 25 tons lifting capacity and Forklifts, which are all certified by Bureau Veritas. JLM also specializes in the transportation of all types of liquid cargo in custom fabricated vehicles, owned and controlled by the company.

We follow strict EH & S policy in tune with Tullow’s requirements. Since 2003, we have had NO LTI
days so far, which is a testimony of our “Safety First” policy. We have been providing similar services to Parker Drilling Company for their operation in Block 9, including complete Rig Move fromone location to another. We have also been providing similar services to MI Swaco, InternationalLogging and B. J Services.

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